Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kevin O'Malley author visit

This past week we have been reading several books by Kevin O'Malley who is an author and illustrator. We are in the process of working through the details of his arrival in late January. To prepare for his arrival we have been reading as many selections he has written so questions the students have can be addressed when he visits. The students are also voting for their favorite book that we have shared in media specials. Three of the track 4 classes have voted for their favorite book written by Kevin O'Malley. So far Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude and Little Buggy are their favorites.
Grades K-2 have also been learning about Hanukkah.
Grade 3 has listened to selections by Kevin O'Malley and divided into groups to practice word study with words that have the letters "ho" embedded. Example: A sweet treat that children like to eat: chocolate.
Grade 4 has continued reading Danny the Champion of the World, written by one of my all time favorite authors, Roald Dahl.
Grade 5 listened to So You Want to be an Inventor, by Judith St. George, as an introduction to a simple machines unit. It is facinating how certain inventions came about. Each class always ends with a book selection process and check out before going back to class.