Monday, June 15, 2009

Week of May 29, 2009

This will be my last post of the school year 2008-09. We will be conducting a full inventory and completing a state report about media and technology. Students will continue to come to media special where plans will continue and a special day of gaming will be played in the library. Old fashion board games, skipbo, uno, scrabble, boggle, parcheesi, mancala, checkers, chess, sorry, and mouse trap will be available. Students will have to choose their own groups, read for directions, and work out any issues on their own....imagine that...just like a regular workplace.

See you next year! (That would be July 7th)

Week of May 22, 2009

Each grade will begin a video which corresponds to the the Information Skills Standard Course of Study.
The kindergarten will continue to read books about dogs and view episode one of The Ugly Duckling. This is not the fairy tale. It is about bullying and takes place in a farmyard.
Second Grade will begin The Pagemaster, based on the book about a timid boy who is afraid of everything....until he ends up in a library and explores Adventure, Horror and Fantasy. Through experiencing these three genrea, he becomes brave and overcomes many of his fears. His library card allows him to experience and explore life through the pages of a book...hence the term "pagemaster."
Third grade will be shown the movie based on Louis Sachar's Wayside School is Falling Down. This animated film reinforces the chapters the students find so funny through his play on words and wacky school architecture.
Fourth grade will be watching Pippi Longstocking. This is also a musical about an adventurous girl and the antics she encounters as she is orphaned through a shipwreck. However, this movie has a happy ending.
Fifth grade will watch a biography about Sterling North when he was a boy in the early 1900's. It ties in the states, historical fiction, a biography, and life during the "good ole days." The movie is titled, Rascal. After Sterling's last day of school, his father takes him to the countryside where he encounters a racoon who is left behind by it's mother. Sterling adopts the racoon and learns the responsiblity and heartache of owning a wild animal