Thursday, January 20, 2011

160 Ways to use a Document Camera!

Compiled and posted by Ken Royal on Jan 11th, 2010 from Educator's Royal Treatment.

Geometric shapes
Correcting homework
Classroom quizzes
Sharing brochures
Microscope work – pond water
Documenting plant growth from seed to green plant
Writing prompt editing
Daily sentence work
Sharing artwork
Sharing words for early reading skill
Sharing words for foreign language classes
Venn diagram work
Vowel Sound recognition and Phonics rules
Demonstrating art techniques
Sharing images for documenting stories/school days
Solving equations
Solving word problems
Sharing advanced math processes
Student of the day or week recognition
Sharing teacher classroom PowerPoints/Presentations
Open House demonstrations
Faculty meeting talks
Quick polls and Surveys
Student Presentations
Comparing book images with live materials
Claymation slideshows
Sharing a picture book
Dictionary work
Demonstrating basic math skills/operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
Flash cards
Digital word wall
Map skills
Timeline work
Document capillary action
Puppet shows
Sharing live animals that cannot be passed around the class –mealworms, earthworms, insects, snakes, fish, etc.
Document daily classroom activities for Web posting
As a video camera
For video conferencing
How to tech ed construction modeling
Guidance counseling instruction and presentations
Demonstrate Poetry styles, construction, and write as a class
Demonstrate proper letters formation
Share lesson rubrics
Assemble a puzzle as a class
Take large amount of pictures of items to post online
Class read-aloud with book under camera instead of buying more books
Choose parts for a play
Readers’ theatre – from playbooks, magazines, or student plays
Cook/prepare favorite recipe in cooking class
Side-by-side comparison of animal and plant cells under microscope
Investigate fossils
Visualize reflection of lines through a prism
Demonstrate Sign Language and finger spelling
Count money/coins together as a class
Examine the parts of a camera, or other mechanical or technical equipment
Litmus tests—acid/base
Take a snapshot of a document to put online instead of scanning
Record your own narrated digital stories
Use for stop-motion animation
Create lessons ahead of time for learning centers
Create and archive lessons and post online
Lessons for homebound students—no lessons missed
Sharing dioramas
Morning warm-up exercises when students first enter the classroom
Fish tank observation
Ant farm observation
Bird feeder watch
Art color wheel demonstration
Art techniques
Classroom/Student photos for projects, identification, records, and special days
Anatomy lessons: skeletal structure, bone articulation lesson
Guess the mystery object and its use
Owl pellet dissection
Writing prompt starters
Direction helpers – avoid repeating lesson steps
Procedure steps, how to lessons
Focus on group sharing
Help presenting a group project
Teaching organizational skills
Checking homework
Study skills
Classroom Helpers announcements
Record class participation
Record Teacher Best Practices
Help classroom aides, and paraprofessionals with lessons and training.
Music to introduce new music/songs/composers
Music to learn notes
With an SD card to share images from other media devices
Gather what students know before a lesson
To share the essential question at the start of a lesson
To share project choices
summarize a lesson, chapter or unit with the class or individual students
Gather questions from students – subject, lesson, interest
Teachable moments –quick use
To compare literary styles
To compare literary genre
To demonstrate requirements for a 5-paragraph composition
Display charts/graphs—different types—bar, pie, as well
Measurement lessons – metric, standard, liquid
Lab procedure lessons
Emergency procedure lessons, diagrams—fire drill routes…lock down
Board of education presentations
Budget meetings
Writing the essential notes to help students with note-taking skills
Letter/number formation
For freezing the action – in an experiment/observation
Guidance – discussing college admissions
AP classwork enhancement – all areas
Vocabulary lessons
Library for sharing new books
Author/book discussions
Character sketches
Introduce new software to students and staff
Physical Education to introduce games and positions
Morning roster/roll call
Routine student line up
Post assignments and things to remember at end of class and day
Steps to writing letters or e-mail
Internet safety lesson
Best way to share 2D and 3D objects at the same time
Rotate/zoom objects/images without touching them
Images of student work saved for parent conferences.
Explain wiring/electricity—batteries, wires, bulbs and bells
Geology lessons—types of rocks
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Mrs. Wetherell