Thursday, September 9, 2010


Finding a great book for a young person is really easy. This site offers book selections and reviews, personal input from well known author, James Patterson, contributions from other authors and celebrities. You might want to check it out at

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Mrs. Wetherell

Week of August 30

Several lessons were happening in the library this week. Fifth graders on track 4 participated in a Good Fit book lesson (see previous post). Other fifth grade classeswere introduced to adventure books written by Will Hobbs. We proceeded to discuss the ultimate adventure, or expedition, by Lewis and Clark. For the time remaining, we began to watch National Geographic's, Lewis and Clark; Great Journey West. We will continue through next week.

Fourth Graders are visiting Roald Dahl's website to learn more about the author and the upcoming Dahl Day on September 13. Roald Dahl wrote many stories which continue to captivate students attention. Check one out at the library.

Third Grade students were involved in one of the following lessons depending on their track. We learned about Haiku, Acrostic, and Telephone poetry; was introduced to Melville Dewey and his amazing invention of the Dewey Decimal System in only one day, and visited two Roald Dahl websites for information purposes.

Second graders continued with their study of Patricia Polacco. We enjoyed the story of Meteor! paired with a nonfiction of Seymour Simon's, Comets, Asteroids, and Meteorites. Two other second grade classes were able to view Patricia Polacco's, Appelemondo. The story of a boy who dreamed...and others could see his dreams! However, his gift did cause the story and find out for yourself, or better...let your child retell it to you.

First Grade students enjoyed reading about dragons. Many of us were so sad to learn they are mythological creatures. We did learn that the Komodo Dragon was real and lives on the island of Komodo. We learned so much from our nonfiction book, but paired it with a fun, easy chapter book, which is a good fit for first graders, titled Dragon Get's By, by Dav Pilkey. Two other first grade classes read Raising Dragons, followed up with a game to determine fiction from nonfiction.

Kindergarten students continue to enjoy Eric Carle books. We read The Very Lonely Firefly, 10 Little Rubber Ducks and other books to support those themes. Our lesson was going on a book hunt; going to find a good one; we know how...not to hard, not to easy, but just right....have a great week everyone....

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Wetherell