Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Mrs. Wetherell

Happy Hanukkah 2011

Last rotation of 2011

Even though it was the last week, classes were still in session and learning continued in the library this rotation.

Fifth graders continued with their lotus diagram of Lewis and Clark. New print sources were introduced as well as specific sites on the Internet. Students researched uniform topics as well as self selected topics relating to the expedition. Afterwards students selected books for track out.

Fourth grades either completed Polar, the Titanic Bear and learning about primary sources OR we brainstormed topics related to North Carolina. After student prioritized the topics, we downloaded a lotus diagram and saved it to a word document used to place information when studying different topics. The topics the students chose were: Symbols, Coastal plains region, Pirates, Lighthouses, Piedmont region, Famous NC people, Mountain region and Famous NC places. A work in progress!

Third graders finished print sources on Helen Keller and all but two classes viewed the Helen Keller DVD which showed her life (animated) from 2 -7 years old. Primary sources were shown at the end of the DVD which we discussed. Students took notes from viewing the DVD and placed the information on a section of a lotus diagram. It will all come together within 6 rotations of media special.

Second graders continued their journey through listening to Bill Peet books. Most classes listened to the selection titled, Merle, the high flying squirrel. Merle was certainly afraid to try anything new! We discussed some of our own fears after sharing our thoughts about what Mr. Peet's message in the book really was about. We connected this book with Melanie Watts', Scaredy Squirrel, which was similar and even more humorous!

First graders shared their thoughts on the holidays, Elf on a Shelf, and some of the traditions that happen with their own family. We followed up with Dav Pilney's, Dragon's Merry Christmas, It's Christmas David and Olivia helps at Christmas. We truly enjoyed media special this week and had a wonderful time chosing books for track out.

Kindergartners listened to a cajun folk tale titled, Why alligator hates dog, by J. J. Reneaux. It is a pourquoi tale which is a "why" story. The kindergarteners were all wide eyed and transfixed in the story. We followed up with our song...I have a book for you and made book selections. If time permitted we read either Olivia helps at Christmas or It's Christmas David!

Learning never stops and I try to make it as fun as possible. I want all students to develop a love of books as well as become life long readers. Sometimes just sharing a story is educational and worthwhile to accomplish the above objectives. Maybe if you haven't included storytime during your daily routine, it would be a great time to begin during track out.

Happy reading,

Mrs. Wetherell

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