Saturday, April 18, 2009

So much going on in the Media Center!

Fifth Grade students are continuing to create their Power Point Presentation on the Iditarod. We have introduced the lotus diagram to organize our information on several sub-topics of the Iditarod. We can't wait to present those in the library beginning next week.

Fourth Graders have learned about primary sources which give us insight as to the events that have happened in history. We have learned through journaling, diaries, photographs and artifacts history comes alive. After reading Polar, the Titanic Bear we listed many of the primary sources that were used to document the Spedden's life in New York, their travels around the world, and the terrible tragedy when they were passengers on the Titanic. The entire story was told through the eyes of a stuffed animal named Polar, who was Douglas Spedden's toy that traveled with him where ever they went.

Third graders (depending on their track) have been doing research on their famous person, or learning about alliteration through reading Bob McLeod's, Superhero ABC. Many students completing their research learned about their famous person through creating timelines, learning how to summarize, and to culminate their research......HOW TO DO A BIBLIOGRAPHY! Well we have to start somewhere and the library is a great place to begin. Students were hesitant at first, but once they saw how to find the copyright date, they were pros! Good job Third Graders. (Two more classes will begin next week)

Second graders have continued to read selections written and illustrated by Bill Peet. We learned what a Whingdingdilly was in the story titled the same...A whingdingdilly is where several animal features are used to make one complete animal. (Camel legs, elephant legs, moose head, lion tail, etc). Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for, it may come true! The lesson, be happy by being yourself!

First graders have been introduced to the characteristics between frogs and toads. We had no idea they were very different. How do we know? We used books through simple research techniques. We also followed up with a fiction
story written by Arnold Lobel titled, Frog and Toad are Friends. We read the chapter titled, Spring. As a class we retold the story in sequence and explored how each event led to the next event in a logical progression.

Kindergarten classes learned a little about rabbits, Beatrix Potter and of course....The tale of Peter Rabbit. Many students did not know this story began as a letter to a small boy who was hospitalized. After a few years Beatrix Potter published the letter in the form of a small book (for small hands) which became extremely popular. Peter, we learned, was very mischieveous and did not listen to his mother. This led to an interesting discussion about why we follow rules at home, school, and other places.