Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preparation for Tuesday

Students this past week were treated to a new book written by Jonah Winter titled Barack. This picture book tells the story of how Barack Obama's journey began. From a little boy who lived in Indonesia with his mother and step-father, to being raised by his grandparents in Hawaii, to moving to Chicago and securing a seat in the Illinois State Senate. From there Barack continued his career in politics by being elected to the U. S. Senate and winning the Democratic nomination for president. He was elected president in November of 2008. His journey will continue as he will be inaugurated on Tuesday, January 20th. Many activities are planned for Tuesday to celebrate this special day.
Book order forms for Kevin O'Malley books were due on Friday. A few extra copies of his books will be ordered and be available on a first come first serve basis.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skills for life...Learning in the Media Center

Students were excited to see turtles in the media center this week. Three students were anxious to find out what types of turtles they were. A trip to the non-fiction section to find books on turtles for classification provided our library lesson for the week. The girls decided (correctly) they were red-eared sliders.

North Carolina Lighthouse Display

Students in fourth grade completed their North Carolina lighthouse project. Their instructions were to choose a NC lighthouse and construct it using materials they already had at home. Several are on display in the media center for all students to observe. Many of the younger students are excited to see all the creativity and work that went into making these lighthouses. Good job fourth grade.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here's Lucky!

This is Lucky at 7 weeks I wanted to include a picture of him since he is growing so fast. He loves to chew, sleep on towels, attack his food and bite Autumn, our golden retriever. He has gone for a few walks around the block and is meeting several canine members in the neighborhood. I will include an update on Lucky each week after my update with the Highcroft Media Center.

Happy New Year! 2009

Welcome Back! This
week Tracks 1, 2, and 3 returned from track out and a holiday break. Classes continued to read about Kevin O'Malley to prepare for his upcoming visit. News of his arrival went home in the Paw Print and order forms to purchase a select few of his books were enclosed. Orders will be taken through January 19th (school is closed this day in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.) We will hold the books until Kevin autographs them for students. The books will be handed out after their scheduled time with him. Several students have expressed how excited they are to have Kevin O'Malley visit Highcroft. Students listened to Velcome, Little Buggy, Little Buggy Runs Away, Lucky Leaf and Once Upon a Motorcycle Dude. We also noted that Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude has two other illustrators besides Kevin O'Malley.

Tracks 1, 3 students will meet with Kevin O'Malley on January 26th.
Tracks 2, 4 students will meet with Kevin O'Malley on January 29th.

Kindergarten classes were introduced to a snowy, winter theme. We read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert and Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch. You can view the Robert Munsch author site at We followed up with a listening activity through using a snowman glyph. All kindergarten classes did an exceptional job! Good listening! Kindergarten classes that are tracked in received library passes this week to begin coming to morning circulation since they have been introduced to the entire media center.

I also began my last three classes to complete my MLS Degree from ECU. This blog will also support indicators required for my internship (LIBS 6991).

(The flowers shown above were given to me by my husband of 23 years. Today is our anniversary)