Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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August 24...Another cycle of learning

Changes are evident in the school library as you can see from the picture. Students who visit the media center have become more independent this year when checking out books. We have stations set up so students can self check out which frees me to help others. It isn't perfect yet, but the students love the freedom in taking charge of their own learning, selecting items, checking out and reading to self. I have noticed when allowing the students more time to self select their good fit books, it results in a "better" book selection (sometimes). They are not rushed and appear to be happier. They are helping others find books and offering recommendations on their own. I really believe we do "foster intellectual development" through the media program implemented at our school.

This past week the fourth and fifth graders learned to utilize the Follett Destiny Catalog to find books using Lexile levels which informs them of books they may have not considered before.

Third grade was introduced to the catagories in the non-fiction section where they learned how books are arranged in the library. This was an eye opener since most of them only explored the same sections of the media center. It's like they discovered a whole new land!

Second graders learned about autobiographies, biographies and collective biographies. We followed up with an autobiography about Patricia Polacco, titled Firetalking. Several selections will be read aloud to the students in the coming weeks along with a visit to her author website.

First graders continued to hear read alouds by Jack Gantos about Rotten Ralph and continued to search for "good fit" books. They may choose one good fit book and one any type book. This can be challenging at times, but we will continue to focus on learning.

Kinders have been introduced to Eric Carle by hearing an old favorite, The Very Busy Spider. I paired it with a nonfiction book about spiders so we could compare the two types of text and purposes for reading. We are just beginning to go to the shelves and select books for check out. Up until now the kinders selected books from tables to learn the routine of book check out. What a great group of students! I look forward to seeing them everyday. They are so much fun.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Wetherell