Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's been goin' on in the library so far this 2012....

Fifth grade is learning how to field (nature) journal and why it’s important. Classes began going outside this past Wednesday for their first try at field journaling.

Fourth graders are researching facts relating to NC and using an online lotus diagram to document those findings.

Third graders are learning about individuals who have overcome unbelievable obstacles in their life and are using primary sources to support their findings. We have read and researched Helen Keller, Wilma Rudolph, and Sacajawea.

Second graders are listening to books written by author Bill Peet who worked for Walt Disney for 27 years. Students then interpret the author’s purpose and discuss the book’s message. So far this year we have read Kermit the Hermit and The Ant and the Elephant.

First graders are enjoying books written by author, Tomie de Paola. Students are learning about the Caldecott Medal and why some of his books are located in the fiction section and nonfiction section. We have shared Strega Nona, her story and just finished Big Anthony, his story. We used a map to plot Big Anthony's trail through Italy followed up with learning where the country books are housed in the media center.

Kindergarteners are learning the location of books and why they are housed in those sections of the library through the use of fiction and nonfiction text sets. We enjoyed retelling of The Gingerbread Man and followed up with a similar version titled, Snow Dude by Daniel Kirk. They can now choose two books from all areas of the library and finally enjoy the benefits of morning circulation.

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The Lorax coming March 2, 2012!