Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite sites...

1. Storyline: A site that will read stories to you!

2. Citation Machine: A site that will help you generate bibliographic entries

3. Mrs. Wetherell’s Blog (Weekly update to media specials)

4. Kevin O’Malley’s Home Page (Author and Illustrator)

5. World Book Online Encyclopedia

6. Christmas Time

7. The Solar System

8. Ben Carson, M.D.

9. My Hero Project

10. Historical Fiction Site/Resources

11. Annotated list of historical fiction for children and teens

12. Historical Fiction Booklist

13. Historical Fiction Definition/Explanation

14. Questions to think about while reading Historical Fiction

15. Historical Fiction Reflection Questions to consider

16. PRINTING PRESS: Create your own brochure, newspaper, booklet or flyer online

17. Civil War Booklist

18. Civil War Information/Portraits

19. National Geographic Underground Railroad Information Website

20. Spy Letters of the American Revolution

21 American Revolutionary Webquest

22. Famous Men in the American Revolution

23. Amazing Women in War and Peace (different times in history)

24.American Revolutionary War Quiz


26.. Dr. Seuss Sites: (Play games and learn)

27. Iditarod (Official Website) (Gary Paulson, Author) (Great site for everything Iditarod) (Many PowerPoint presentations) (PowerPoint as short example) (Lance with lead dog winner 2007) (To learn about food and equipment that mushers use in the race) (anatomy of a dogsled)