Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall into research!

Books about fall, fall holidays, pumpkins, bats, apples, and scarecrows have been dressing up the media center. Students have been swiping books off the shelves for independent reading.

Fifth graders began using a lotus diagram to organize data about themselves. They should be able to apply this graphic organizer when they begin their biography report for their wax museum.

Fourth graders have been involved in a Box Research Project about Roald Dahl. Many questions about his life were generated and we were off to answer those questions using worldbookonline.

Third graders began their exploration of tall tale characters through the introduction of Johnny Appleseed.

Second graders are wrapping their unit up about Patricia Polacco with a video of Rashenka's Eggs. An interview with Patricia and her "how to" explanation of making pysanky eggs (a Ukraine tradition passed on to Patricia by her Babushka).

First graders learned facts about lizards through nonfiction books. We discussed the text features in Komodo Dragons and discussed the mythological "dragon."

Kindergarteners enjoyed the book Library Lion. We discussed the sequence of the story; what happened in the beginning, what happened next, then what happened, and of course...finally the story Never a dull moment with the kinders.