Monday, October 18, 2010

Week of October 11, 2010

What a great time of year! In the media center we have enjoyed several book selections that have to with fall.
Fifth graders enjoyed a trip outside to choose a leaf specimen to scientifically sketch. Many of the students were quite detailed with their drawings. We also discussed how to use a compass and how Lewis and Clark collected 239 different specimens while on their expedition. Many new species were collected and classified during the course of exploring for a water route to the Pacific. The students enjoyed this new scientific addition to the media curriculum. The other fifth grade completed viewing the Lewis and Clark video this week.

Fourth and Third graders visited the eInstruction room at Highcroft this week to utilize the Elmo and explore the dictionary. We discussed how Noah Webster begin the first dictionary at the ripe old age of 43 and completed his task after 27 years. Many of the words were changed over the course of time, words were added, deleted, etc. We discussed how the dictionary was arranged (alphabetically) as well as what entry words are and how guide words are helpful in locating entry words. We reviewed compound words, word origins, parts of speech, definitions, and how to use the pronunciation symbols. We followed up with a game of placing words in alphabetical order. Afterwards we visited the media center and chose different books for the week.

Two second grade classes enjoyed how to make pysanky eggs. This was demonstrated by Patricia Polacco based on her book Rechenka's Eggs. At the fair this weekend I was able to watch a demonstration of pysanky eggs being made in the building, "Village of Yesteryear." Many pysanky eggs were available for sale.
First Graders were treated to Dav Pilkey's, Dragon's Halloween. Before reading the story we discussed the sequence of events each time the students came to the library. The students placed the events in order: 1. Check in books 2. Place books on cart 3. Sit on comfy carpet 4. Read a story....
Dragon's Halloween consisted of three chapters which included Six Small Pumpkins, The Costume Party, and the Deep, Deep Woods. After each chapter we discussed what came first, next, then, and finally, just as we had done in our previous example. The students loved it...and it was a lesson with a purpose!

Kindergarten classes learned a new fingerplay for October called Creep them... We followed up with a few fun books for fall which included the text set of both fiction and nonfiction. The first book was a nonfiction book titled, It's Pumpkin Time. This is a story of how a pumpkin seed is planted and how it grows from a seed, to a shoot, with leaves, a flower bud, into a small green ball to a big orange pumpkin! After discussing pumpkin growing and going to a pumpkin patch (everyone wants to share a story) we begin our next book (fiction) titled, Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman. This is a story of a little witch who always plants pumpkin seeds for pumpkin pie to be made on Halloween. However, she has such a difficult time pulling the pumpkin off the vine. A mummy comes along, then a vampire to help the witch but they still cannot pull the pumpkin off the vine. Who shows up next? A little bat....they all laugh, but he comes up with a plan (teamwork) and at last the pumpkin snaps off the vine, the witch makes pumpkin pie and they all enjoy! What a great sequencing lesson for the students. Kindergarteners were then able to choose a fiction, nonfiction, or fall book on display for checkout.

Happy reading,

Mrs. Wetherell