Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weeks of December 12 - 18, 2010

Classes in the media center focused on continuing the objectives from last week. We also included some holiday stories....Reasons for buying books as gifts include:
Why books make great gifts, especially for children
- Nurtures an interest in reading. Giving a book as a gift is one of the most effective ways of getting a child to develop an interest in reading. Kids, in general, are excited about the idea of unwrapping a gift and seeing what it can “do”. A carefully chosen book has the potential to become “the best gift ever” from a child’s point of view and to lay the foundation for a lifelong interest in reading. If the parents of the baby or child you’re buying the gift for haven’t started reading aloud yet or don’t read very frequently, your gift gives them a great reason to start. Which is why a book makes a great baby-shower gift as well.

- Books are rarely outgrown. Have you ever heard of a book that doesn’t fit a baby anymore? The beautiful thing about books is that they can be re-read hundreds of times, put away for weeks and then enjoyed again. Books can be shared with and passed on to siblings, cousins and friends. They are great for taking along on road trips or to the Doctor’s office. Many kids enjoy their baby books and picture books well into their preschool years. They find different ways to interpret them or different uses for the same book. A book about baby animals which my daughter enjoyed as a little baby is now her favorite whenever she wants to play a ‘zoo game’.

- Books serve as inspiration for other interests. I stare in awe at some of the amazing illustrations in children’s books. For a child who has an interest in drawing or painting, these books would be great not just for reading but for artistic inspiration as well. There’s so much more to reading a book with your child than putting words and letters together. You can help them learn a language, a new skill, about other cultures or countries. So when you choose a gift for a baby or child, keep in mind that with a book, there is a chance that the impact of your gift will last more than a few minutes, and probably a lifetime.

- Books can reinforce an ongoing interest in a hobby or subject. If your child is already into dinosaurs trains, trucks, stars, bugs or cartoon characters, a book on the subject will help him expand his learning. Have you noticed how very young babies enjoy books about babies or with lots of different human faces? It’s what they’re familiar with and so, what they like to see more of. For older kids, there’s no easier way to get them to sit down to read with you than to bring home a book about their latest favorite topic.

- Books – the unbreakable gift. Let’s face it. No parts to go missing. No batteries that die. Nothing that breaks. Isn’t this reason enough to consider books as gifts? Of course, you don’t want to put this to test with a brand new glossy chapter book in the hands of your active toddler. For very young babies and kids who haven’t outgrown the tendency to tear out pages, board books and cloth books are probably best. But, mostly, books tend to be hardy gifts that last years and are used by more than one child.

- Books are easy to find and carry. If you don’t know the child or the family too well, a book is a safe bet as a gift. First, because, they’re fairly easy to find and select. Just go to a local bookstore or browse an online collection. Books are generally arranged according to age and topic so, you should be able to decide on one fairly quickly. If you do know the child and his interests well, then, things couldn’t be any easier. Simply spend a little time browsing books in his area of interest and pick one(or a few) that you think he may enjoy. And in case he already owns it, getting a book exchanged is a breeze in most stores. I’ve found that in a time crunch, buying a book is quick, fun and almost always, the right choice for a gift. Besides, they’re compact, easy to wrap and take along to a party.

- Personalized children’s books make the most wonderful gifts. I’ve written about this before and it’s worth another mention. When you know a child very well, be it your own child, a niece or nephew or a friend’s child, consider a personalized picture book. There are several different ways you can do this, starting with creating a simple photo book of memories. You could do this yourself or order it at one of many different websites and stores that offer these gifts.
Happy Reading,
Mrs. Wetherell