Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jim Arnosky Books

In the media center we have been reading as many Jim Arnosky books as we possibly can to prepare for his visit in May. I have also been pairing his books with other books to engage the students in learning all we can about specific animals and their habitats.

Last week we watched Jim Arnosky's DVD which was included in his book titled, Crocodile Safari. We learned several bits of information from viewing his DVD. First, many people do not know we have American Crocodiles which live in the southern most section of Florida. They are tannish in color, do not have distinctive necks as alligators do, their eyes are not as buggy as as alligator eyes, and their teeth stick out from their mouths which is more visible. We paired this book with Babies in the Bayou, also written by Jim Arnosky. We learned what a bayou was, how it is pronounced, and also alligator moms really protect their young unlike most reptiles. We finished up by learning how to draw a crocodile in the mangroves. Jim can really sketch fast! Next week we will learn about sea turtles.

Happy reading,

Mrs. Wetherell