Friday, April 15, 2011

Week of April 4, 2011

Track Four tracked out and Track One returned so many of our lessons are repeats. Several classes begin their library visits with the Manatee text set (see below). Third Grade students either continued to work on their Famous Person Biography Research Paper or just began with a cooking lesson. We created Bio Stew (by Judy Freeman). All ingredients were necessary to construct the perfect recipe for writing a biography....mmmmmm goooood!

Track three K-2 classes viewed a Reading Rainbow DVD titled, Ocean Life. This was a follow up to the manatee lesson from the week before. We listened to the book, Sam the sea cow, by Francine Jacobs. This is a true story about a manatee who was very curious which got him into trouble. We also learned about the environment where the manatees live. Many creatures were introduced to the students. Several students made connections to their experiences at the beach.

Happy reading,

Mrs. Wetherell