Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you glog?

Here is my latest "glog" about my dog. I am using this example to show younger students in the media center what a glog is and how it is used. There are many drawbacks for me to use this popular 21st century site. One, every student must have an account. Secondly, it takes sooooo long for the screens to load. Case in point; I waited forever to load a video to show on my glog. After one hour and only 87% completed, it timed out. I couldn't have 25 students waiting around for something to load. Finally, everyone wants my help IMMEDIATELY! I also have to give students time to check out books. If I could only work with a few students at a time it would be more effective, but far less efficient. Anyway...try it out with the family. What a great alternative to game night and think about all the literacy skills (and memories) you can share...Enjoy!

Mrs. Wetherell