Friday, August 20, 2010

Destination: Destiny!

This week in the media center grades 2 - 5 accessed our online catalog called Destiny. Students learned how to search for books using keyword, title, author, subject and series links. However, the students quickly learned even though you can find the book on the computer you need to know where the book is located in the library. That's what the spine label is for....F for Fiction, E for Everybody (Picture Books), B for Biography, and Numbers for Non-Fiction. Of course this is not easily learned in one class period...Practice makes Perfect! We will definitely be practicing throughout the year to reinforce independence in choosing materials in the library.
First Grade viewed a DVD titled "A Magical Journey through the Library" which teaches students proper library etiquette and introduces essential media skills needed to locate books with the use of puppets and catchy songs, jokes, and plays.
Kindergarten continued their exploration of Eric Carle's books with a read aloud of The Honeybee and the Robber, a moving picture book. Students were excited with the colorful illustrations and engaging storyline. We followed up with a story about a shelf elf named Skoob (That's "books" spelled backwards.) He is always on a mission to inform students how to put books back on the shelves correctly and how to care for books properly.
Happy Reading,
Mrs. Wetherell