Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Favorite "Autumn" Book...

This book is written by Chris Van Allsburg. You would probably recognize his most famous book titled, The Polar Express. He is both the author and illustrator. Most of his books have twists and are very mysterious and strange, such as another book he wrote and illustrated titled, Jumanji. This is the book review of The Widow's Broom taken from

Some of Minna Shaw's neighbors don't trust her clever broom. "It's dangerous," they say. "It's a wicked, wicked thing." Minna disagrees. She appreciates the broom's help around the house. She enjoys its quiet company. It seems perfectly innocent and hard-working to her. But one day two children get a well-deserved thrashing from the broom. For her neighbors, this is proof of the broom's evil spirit. Minna is obliged to give up her dear companion.

Chris Van Allsburg, master of the mysterious, brings this supernatural tale to life with moody and memorable pictures that will haunt readers long after the book's covers are closed.